Yellow Blossom // Spring Edit

The history of clothing in India dates back to ancient times, as it was the traditional Indian clothing with regional variations, be it the sari, ghagra choli, or dhoti, that remained popular until the early decades of post-independence India.

A common form of Indian fashion originates from Western culture. Fashion includes a series of sequins and gold threads to attract customers and apply a statement to the Indian fashion community.

A famous Indian fashion trademark is embroidery, an art of sewing distinct thread patterns. A way to include the traditional look and create a new fashion statement includes embroidery applied to different dresses, skirts, shirts, and pants to reflect the western culture's influence as well as include the Indian tradition.
The essence of our craft is interpreted through prints and hand embroidery motifs. The range overwhelms many styles, keeping it effortless and appropriate for spring.
we displayed our collection
​At Yellow Blossom // Spring Edit
On 31st March 2021 at Sunder Nursery Lawns, New Delhi



We were overwhelmed by the love and response we got. Was much appreciated at the event.