Making of Utsav


Utsav meaning celebrations in Hindi, India is a diverse country with festivities celebrating through out the year, therefore we wanted to curate the collection which is festive and stated. A combination of colors in classic silhouettes.We wanted to focus on the principle “less is more”. Nostalgic and inspired from designer trunk full of memories.

My mother being my muse and re - creating the magic of yester years, making each weave come alive with style of the era gone by.

A picture of kaliras being tied by ladies in friends and family before the wedding ceremony taking place.The area is called mandap where Hindu wedding wows are resisted.

A trunk full of memories ... an ode to the timeless era 

I have always been a follower of classic fashion which is evergreen and doesn’t fade with time.We live in a country of various cultures so diverse and authentic in its own way.Therefore I wanted to create a collection which is stated and universally acceptable by all. It’s also one of the oldest traditional practices celebrated and carried forward swim generations and a must have in every women’s India wear closet.