Making of Aayat


‘Aayat’ comes from the Islamic word which refers to the verse of Quran.It also have the associate meaning of ‘miracles’ or ‘proofs’ that describe the verses of Quran.In Persia
‘Aayat’ means ‘Gods Greatness’.The name literally means a ‘sign’ or ‘clue’.Aayat is a varient of the Arabic name Ayah.

I always get fascinated with words and I tend to find deeper meanings beyond literal.
Aayat is one such.After hearing this word I started resonating it wagely as beautiful and pure and when I started to understand the essence of this word and it’s implementation and interpretation, I knew we will create a collection named Aayat.

Still from the movie’Bajirao Mastani’
from the song named “Aayat”.

Aayat آيات
Associates ‘Miracles’ ~ ‘Sign of God’

Introducing a Soulful festive Collection ‘Aayat’ In Opulent Colours to begin the festivities.The last few months was a testing time for all.
Therefore ‘Aayat’ is associated to miracles in making.Welcoming a reason to celebrate and rejoice. Introducing exquisite festive looks, hand embroidered in gotta and dabka karigari reminiscing the oldworldcharm and beauty.